About Cisiotar

cisiotarThe CISIOTAR Importação e Exportação was established in October 2002, initiating operations in February of the following year. Although being considered a new company, our President - Mr. Tarcisio de Oliveira (MEMORY 11/12/1931 to 01/01/2008) - get a vast experience in the sector of transports, acting in this segment for more than 50 years, being recognized national and internationally for his honesty, professionalism and ability. The CISIOTAR was created to take care of  an enormous demand of buses and trucks, new and used, doing the purchase and sales of these vehicles for all the national and international market, in diverse countries and continents. In the part of commercialization of buses, trucks and parts for exportation, the CISIOTAR counts  on the partnership with more other 245 companies in the domestic territory.

In these five years of functioning,  CISIOTAR has been exported urban and road buses, trucks, new and used, having, also, supported of some governments of South-american countries, America Central and Africa, to structuralize companies of the transport branch and to renew their fleets, offering total guarantee of our products and services, such as: replacement of parts, assistance technique and others.

The quality of our given service and the prices of our products, project  internationally the name of CISIOTAR IMPORTAÇÃO E EXPORTAÇÃO LTDA. For the first time in Brazil, a company exports their used buses with total guarantee of effected services of revision mechanics, electric, hydraulical, exchange of tires, painting and etc, using genuine parts. The support that we offer to our customers, goes since the customs clearance until the delivery in the port of the destination country, without no additional cost, through our proper team for the efetivação of all these services. To increase the volume of our exportations, we work with Crredit Letters of short, medium and long run credit of, and PROEX, facilitating our foreign customers about the negotiation payment.



1 - Negative Joint certificate of relative Debits the Federal Tributes and à Active Debt da Union;

2 - Certifyd of Regularity of FGTS - CRF (situation of regularity of the employer);

3 - Negative certificate of Debit (social welfare);

CNPJ: 05.141.399/0001-44